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Ready for summer? Here are some great ways to stay missions active over the next few months.

Stay Missions Active This Summer
The sun’s out, the school year has ended, and your summer vacation is coming up. Whatever your plans, World Gospel Mission has resources to help you stay missions active during the next few months. Discover More >

Native American teens help lead camps for younger kids.

Sprout: Summer Bible Camps in Arizona
The desert doesn’t have many sprouts, but SIMC kids’ camps sure do. These camps give an opportunity to share the gospel with tons of summer activities. When kids decide to follow Jesus at camp, new disciples begin to sprout! Discover More >

This outreach is one of the few places poor women can go to get much-needed supplies and education to birth and raise healthy children.

Caring for Mamas and Babies in Uganda
Jangu Omulise (Luganda for “Come Bloom”) is changing the lives of vulnerable women and children in Uganda by providing healthcare, supplies, and education to pregnant women and young mothers. Discover More >