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Games are a key part of any children's ministry!

AWANA Reaches Kids in Mexico
AWANA, a global evangelism and training ministry, reaches over 3.7 million children each week in 104 countries. The national church in Mexico adopted AWANA as a strategy to impact the lives of local children and youth. Discover More >

Marcos and missionary Bob Margaron shared a special moment at Marcos' high school graduation. He was the first high school graduate in his family.

Teaching Children a Biblical Worldview in Honduras
What’s God’s view of the arts, government, or science? The global 4/14 Window Movement (known as Generación 4/14) is helping kids ages 4 to 14 in Honduras understand how all aspects of life can reflect God. Discover More >

Nellie Farnsworth will serve as a counselor/therapist in Africa, helping people find freedom and victory in Christ.

Meet Nellie Farnsworth: Missionary to Africa
Nellie, a licensed marriage and family therapist, looks forward to beginning her missionary service in Africa. She will strive to bring hope and healing to people dealing with brokenness and loss. Discover More >