Kids’ World Go! Manual Bible Study

Missionary Training for Kids

What do you think of when you hear the word missionary? Someone who lives in a far-off country eating weird foods and wearing different clothes? Maybe you think missionaries are very different from you. Maybe they seem super spiritual because God called them to a foreign land, and off they went.

Sure, some missionaries do move to faraway places and probably eat some weird things. But...that isn't what makes them missionaries.

The Bible teaches us that every Christian is a missionary. That’s right! Even you are a missionary if you are a Christian. That doesn’t always mean you have to leave your family and go live in a country where you wear weird clothes and live in a hut. In fact, it might mean that you should stay right where you are and learn to love and serve the people around you. But how?

That's what the Kids’ World Go! Manual is for. As you read stories about kids just like you, God is going to teach you how to be a missionary right where you are—at your school, with your friends, and even in your family. Then, God wants to grow you as a missionary, even to people you don't know.

After each story, you’ll be given three Action Items to choose from that will help you take what you’ve learned and use it in real life. And the fun doesn’t stop there. After you complete an action, you will earn a missions merit pin—just like the Scouts do! You can wear each pin as a reminder of the lessons you learned while going through missionary training.

So, grab an adult and get started today! You can use the Kids’ World Go! Manual by yourself, with a few friends, in your Sunday School class, with your youth group, or even as a family. Contact WGM today to learn how you can start praying, witnessing, serving, loving, giving, partnering, enduring, teaching, and planting right where you are!

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Get the World GO! Manual here!MORE: Hey adults, it’s not just all about the kids. WGM also has the original World GO! Manual, produced to challenge adults in their missions activity. Download the manual and get started today!