Volunteers Answer: Is It Worth Serving in Short-Term Missions? 

Volunteers gain valuable experience through cross-cultural missions.Angela Matson, Paraguay

“I was able to see more of the ‘real’ side of missions. I guess I had assumptions about missions that were changed once I was living there. I got to see some of the struggles of missions and some of the rewards of missions.”

Drake Budde, Japan

“Even if you do not intend to go into missions full time and you’re just wanting to do this for a short-term experience, it really changes your perspective on what it means to be surrounded by a different worldview. It doesn’t really matter how much effort you put in to being prepared; you’ll never really be fully prepared, and that’s okay. No one’s perfect; just try your best and follow what God wants you to do.”

Cori Babcock, Hungary

“This trip allowed me to strengthen my faith by being surrounded by a community of strong believers. My hope is to take the strength and closeness I felt to God while on the [Morningstar] ranch and transition that not only to my college life but also to my everyday work life.”

Volunteer, Middle East

“I would encourage people with a desire to grow past their comfort zone and who have a heart to serve Christ to do this. It teaches humility, trust in the Lord, and connects you with people who can become valuable friends.”

Jenna Drucker, Albania

“My Volunteers In Action experience taught me about life in ministry, in a foreign culture, with a family, and as the member of a small team. I learned about hospitality, the absolute need for rest, as well as all the daily tasks that go in to living and raising a family in such a setting. I built relationships, learned to communicate openly, and learned to both receive and give grace.”

Nashana Jackson, Albania

“Short-term missions trips offer the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the world outside of one's hometown, to create a different worldview and perspective on life, and to see how God is working in and through His Church. The experience can also be an incredible service experience through observing those who work on the field year-round and supporting them with as much help as possible.”

Volunteer, South Asia

“Short-term trips are an excellent way to catch a vision or to see if maybe long-term missions is what God is calling you to. God may be leading you in a different direction, but I feel you really won't know, or you will have a difficult time knowing, unless you just go. It's an incredible opportunity to gain new perspectives, see another part of the world, meet amazing Christians, be connected to the global community, and catch a vision for the lost and allow the opportunity for God to prompt you further. AND you bring that home with you and are able to share that with a few others whose hearts are being stirred by the Lord. There is something of more worth and value in GOING then just sending a check...the relationships built, the impact made, the vision caught are invaluable.”