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Gun Buy Back

ID: 35261
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There have been more than 400 murders committed in Philadelphia in 2020. The majority have been committed by guns. In addition, most murders committed after today will be committed by guns, except these guns.

The Philadelphia Police were part of our most recent Gun Buy Back at Tasker Street Baptist Church in South Philadelphia. At this event, we were able to persuade the members of the community to part with over sixty-three firearms. In exchange we gave cash and gift cards. This is our third gun-surrender and buy back in two years. To date, we have been able to get over 120 weapons off the streets of this city.

Tomorrow and for many days to come, someone will be murdered by a gun in Philadelphia. But not by these guns.

Join us in taking more of these guns off the streets of Philadelphia. Yes, we understand that this is not a perfect effort. But at least we can make a difference if we get these guns off the streets. Someone will die by gun violence, but no by one of these guns.

Give to the Johnson Ministry Gun Buy Back fund. The concerned citizens, parents, and police will appreciate your gift of life.

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