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Haiti: Crisis Relief

ID: 24682
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In the wake of a global pandemic and political unrest, Barthelemy Alcindor’s message of hope was urgent. Haiti is a country in desperate need of the good news of the Gospel. This is why the Radio Lumière broadcaster was on the air. Barthelemy was speaking light to a despairing, fearful, and hurting nation when the ground began to shake.

On August 14, 2021, in just moments, the church he was broadcasting from collapsed crushing him beneath the rubble. Now Barthelemy Alcindor is singing in glory with Jesus today, but he’s left behind a country crippled by tragedy and an even greater need for the message he so desperately wanted it to hear.

homes and buildings that are now piles of rubble

Some structures were totally destroyed.

On August 14, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, killing over 1,900 people and causing catastrophic damage to homes, offices, churches, and infrastructure. As tropical storms bear down on the island, thousands of people huddle together outside with no shelter from the battering rain. The nation is struggling to provide basic needs like drinking water and basic medical care, and the powerful message of God’s love, redemption and hope has been silenced from the airwaves.

A church and a home still standing, but with severe structural damage

Other buildings sustained severe structural damage.

WGM has a long history of working with churches and ministries in Haiti like Radio Lumière. For over thirty years, we’ve helped bring the Word of God to people hungry for salvation. Our partners at Radio Lumière are already working hard to make repairs and get its important message back on the air, even in the face of unspeakable personal loss.

Meanwhile, local churches are responding to the crisis the only way they know how—with compassion and generosity by providing meals, shelter and even helping to bury the dead.

A church that collapsed on itself

Christian radio broadcaster, Barthelemy Alcindor (pictured top, left), lost his life when the church he was broadcasting from collapsed crushing him beneath the rubble. Today he is singing in glory with Jesus.

Your prayers and financial support to the Haiti Relief Crisis fund will make a difference. WGM is partnering with Radio Lumière in Haiti, responding to the relief needs for food, water, shelter, and medical treatment in the wake of the earthquake and tropical storms.

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