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ID: 26100
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A group of smilingVT students and staff

Anna and her classmates, along with their families and teachers at VT Albania, want to say, “Thank you!”  You gave them a very special gift.

Anna is a student at VT (Valued Treasures) Albania, a WGM ministry in Albania that serves individuals with disabilities. Through VT Albania, Anna’s life was changed when she was introduced to Christ and made a decision to follow him. Now, her joy is evident to everyone. She doesn’t stop smiling!

Before she enrolled at VT Albania, Anna’s life was much different. She rarely left her home, and she never smiled. Due to a physical disability that makes it difficult for her to walk, she relies on the help of others. Getting around isn’t easy for her, especially in Albania. Few families own their own car, and public transportation is not accessible for those with physical disabilities. But the negative social stigma and the inaccessibility of local stores, public restrooms, and buildings only made it harder for her to participate in everyday life. The restraint of her freedom roused feelings of anger and frustration within her.

But, because of VT Albania’s ministry, Anna is no longer hidden away at home and isolated from the world around her. Each school day, Anna is picked up at her home by VT Albania’s accessible van. The van’s hydraulic lift ramp makes it easier for her to get inside and take a seat among her classmates.

However, just a few weeks ago, VT Albania’s van was deemed illegal to use because it is a right-hand drive vehicle. (It was purchased several years ago in the UK where VT originated). This created a crisis situation for the organization. Continuing to use the van would result in serious fines, and the cost to purchase a new van wasn’t in the budget. Without an accessible van VT couldn’t operate.

A photo showing the front left side exit and a photo showing the rear hydraulic lift at the rear of the van

VT was no longer able to use their old van.

Anna and her classmates, especially those using wheelchairs, depend on VT Albania for transportation that gives them freedom from their homes and access to school. Without a way to get to school, Anna feared she would again become isolated at home, hidden away from the outside world.

But thanks to youAnna has her freedom, access to education, and a place of belonging at VT Albania.  Because of your generosity, VT Albania was provided $10,000 to purchase a new accessible van to transport Anna and her classmates to school.

VT Albania now owns a safe and legal van that meets the mobility needs of their students and vehicle requirements of Albania—all thanks to you! Your giving continues to make it possible for Anna to access the outside world every day and receive love and care from her VT Albania teachers! Because of you, Anna will continue to receive life-changing ministry, education, physiotherapy, and opportunities to form meaningful relationships and grow into her God-given potential. Without you, this would not be possible!

Through your big-hearted and regular giving as WGM Minutemen/Minutewomen, you support various ministries like VT Albania. Each emergency is an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of others and share the love of Jesus. Thank you for advancing God’s kingdom in this way!

Your help as WGM Minutemen/Minutewomen is once again needed. There are three things you can do today.

  1. Pray for WGM ministries and missionaries around the world, including VT Albania, that serve individuals with disabilities and their families.
  2. Share with your friends and family how they can use their finances to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of others. By pledging to give $10, they will join a group of generous and compassionate people. Their donations will be used to meet emergency needs when they arise. Invite your friends and family to experience the joy of giving and making a difference in the lives of others by joining with you.
  3. Partner financially so that the WGM Minutemen/Minutewomen can again serve on a minute’s notice.

Thank you for your generous giving that helps others when they need it most. You are deeply appreciated and loved.


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