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Prayer Lifeline

07 Nov 22
Prayer Lifeline: November 2022
Thank you for your partnership in prayer over Uganda, university students, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico.
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01 Oct 22
Prayer Lifeline: October 2022
We're grateful for your faithfulness to pray over Gen Z, creative access regions, immigrants, and new global workers!
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01 Sep 22
Prayer Lifeline: September 2022
We serve a God who listens! Pray with us for the Czech Republic, Refugees in the USA, and Honduras.
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01 Aug 22
Prayer Lifeline: August 2022
Your prayers are powerful! Pray with us for Kenya, family and friends of Laura Lea Sims, the Czech Republic, and the Texas/Mexico Border...
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01 Jul 22
in Kenya, USA: Texas/Mexico Border
Prayer Lifeline: July 2022
Your prayers matter! Pray with us for Kenya, the Texas/Mexico Border Ministries and our missionary kids.
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23 May 22
in Albania, Papua New Guinea, Ukraine
Prayer Lifeline: June 2022
Join us this month as we pray over Ukraine, Albania, Papua New Guinea, and missionaries facing grief and loneliness.
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29 Apr 22
in Ukraine, Yemen
Prayer Lifeline: May 2022
Pray with us for the crises in Ukraine and in Yemen and the people they affect.
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01 Apr 22
in Mexico, Ukraine, USA: Texas/Mexico Border
Prayer Lifeline: April 2022
Join us this month as we pray over Ukraine, Gen Z’s friendships, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, and Mexico.
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01 Mar 22
in Honduras, Papua New Guinea, USA: Southwest Ministries
Prayer Lifeline: March 2022
Join us this month as we pray over Honduras, short-term teams, World Day of Prayer, and Southwest Ministries.
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01 Feb 22
in Albania, Kenya
Prayer Lifeline: February 2022
Partner with us as we praise God for what He’s done and bring new prayer requests before Him.
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06 Jan 22
in Hungary, Japan, Uganda
Prayer Lifeline: January 2022
Join us in prayer for 2022.
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02 Dec 21
in Bolivia, Honduras, Kenya, Uganda, USA: Southwest Ministries, USA: Stockton, California
Prayer Lifeline: December 2021
Join us as we pray for requests from Bolivia, Kenya, California, and educational ministries around the world.
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